21 February 2019
Jesse’s Hereford Times Column: Save The Broadleys!

Listeners who tuned into BBC Hereford and Worcester on Wednesday might have been confused--and hopefully relieved--to hear their MP talking not about Brexit, but a local pub.

The Broadleys pub on the A49 Ross Road in South Wye is once again at risk of closure, and of being turned into a new Co-op supermarket.

This news comes four years after the pub was saved from a similar fate – after a huge local response and some very vigorous campaigning.

But the arguments haven't changed. So we need to pull together and save the pub again.

The Broadleys is a great local pub and an important landmark. But it stands at a really busy road junction, made all the more complex now by the newly added cycle path.

Transforming the site into a Co-op could cause a serious safety issue on those roads. Especially with all the extra cars and delivery vans coming and going at all hours of the day.

 There aren't many pubs as it is in South Wye. Tesco have already taken over the Game Cock, as well as the Buckingham Arms on the Brecon road.

And Rachel the landlady deserves a decent length lease, so she can make a go of it.

 The decision rests with the Council's planners, and I would encourage readers to write in to express their views. Closing the Broadleys wasn’t right in 2015, and it certainly isn’t right now.