19 December 2018
Jesse’s Ross Gazette Christmas message

A very Merry Christmas to all Gazette readers!

This has not been a vintage year in Westminster, I'm afraid, given all the Brexit shenanigans. Many people inside and outside politics have often forgotten basic values of politeness and civility. For its part, the national news media have always not shared the Gazette's care for accuracy and responsible journalism, to say the least.

But the Prime Minister has shown astonishing courage and resilience over many months in the most difficult possible circumstances, and I think we will get to a sensible outcome in the end.

Reflecting back on this year, the wonderful summer is what springs to mind. I was delighted to watch England’s triumphant journey to the World Cup semi-finals, as well as finish a journey of my own – publishing my book Adam Smith: What he Thought and Why it Matters.

2018 was also a Centenary year, both to celebrate the suffragette movement and women’s right to vote, and to commemorate the end of the Great War. Herefordshire played a great and proud part in both of these historic occasions. I put on a "Ross Remembers" wristband four years ago, and I wear it still with pride.

As we come together for Christmas, let us all remember those in the public services in and around Ross-on-Wye, who are working over the festive period--and the enormous contribution made by our local servicemen and women overseas.

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to one and all, and to friends and family.