8 August 2019
Victory! Jesse welcomes changes by Highways England to A49 roadworks

Jesse Norman MP has warmly welcomed a host of changes announced by Highways England in response to local concerns about roadworks on the A49 between Wilton and Peterstow.

Jesse convened an all-parties meeting with Highways England, local ward and parish councillors and Herefordshire Council last Friday, to agree a range of possible actions and remedies in advance of a public meeting in Peterstow on Monday. The public meeting reinforced these concerns and underlined the strength of local feeling. 

In a letter on Wednesday to Jesse, Highways England confirmed, among other things, that they would be switching to night-time working; that they would be contacting local businesses and working much more closely with businesses and residents; that they would take further steps to improve communications; and that they aimed to bring the projected completion of works forward to 28 August, in advance of the Ross-on-Wye cider festival.

Commenting on the letter, Jesse said:

“This has been a very difficult period for local businesses and residents in and around the A49, due to the huge disruption and loss of trade caused by the roadworks.

“I am delighted that Highways England have now moved to address local concerns, and I thank them and their senior management for rapidly engaging with us. 

“Now we need to see the promised changes happen, and the works completed on schedule and without further incident.”

Highways England Letter