1 May 2024
Jesse Norman welcomes Automated Vehicles Bill

Jesse Norman welcomes the Automated Vehicles Bill as it passes its final stages in the Commons. The Bill, which Jesse worked on when he was Transport Minister, addresses the legal and regulatory requirements in order to develop and deploy automated vehicles on public roads.

Jesse Norman (Hereford and South Herefordshire) (Con)

May I say that, very far from the sentiments just expressed, the Secretary of State has been a very strong friend to the Bill from the very beginning? Having steered the Bill until the point where the Under-Secretary of State for Transport, my hon. Friend the Member for South Cambridgeshire (Anthony Browne) took over, as he noted, I pay tribute, as he has, to the quality of the work done by officials at the Department for Transport and the Bill team. I remind the House that this is an extraordinary moment. We have taken the next step in pioneering a technology, as a single polity, in advance of anywhere else. It builds on the work done in 2019, and presages a very important, safer and, in many respects in transport terms, more prosperous future.